2018 Car Release Date Fiat Spider


2018pricereleasedate.comThere are decent cars that you can get with a price under $25,000. In fact, you definitely can get a brand-new sports car released in 2018. Indeed, 2018 car release date has been filled with so many sports cars from various manufacturers. One of the famous ones is Fiat. Fiat has made another cool car which is based on circa 1966. However, the new spider is absolutely more stylish. Additionally, the performance is hugely improved for the need of current trend. Here is the detail of the car along with its specification.

Fiat Spider 2018 Car Release Date

It is important to know that this car is not for everyone. It is defined by the space it offers. It only provides 2 seats: for a driver and a passenger who is possibly your couple. However, that does not matter anyway because anyone will be happy to ride this car. After 2018 car release date, you can enjoy so many features it offers. One of them is a 1.4-liter engine with turbocharging. Depending on the trimming, the horsepower can reach up to 170. This translates to 90 mph acceleration in within a quarter of a mile. It is essential to know that the Fiat Spider also offers pretty look.

The appearance is absolutely menacingly sporty. It is due to its dark color with the metal finish on various parts such as side mirrors. Additionally, there is also the black hood which gives a more interesting impression. Though some people may not like the budget on the nose, it is actually only a small factor that people will see the least. Therefore, there is no need to worry too much. If you are wondering when this car release date, it is highly recommended to stay tuned on 2018pricereleasedate.com. You may also learn other cars’ release date in the future.

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