Android Game Download: Tiki Taka Soccer

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Dodo HackA great Android game download has been launched in early months ago. The games that will be loved by all the soccer lovers. This game is a little hard to play but that’s the click point of this game. The hardness is really made people curious and wanted to try this game soon and finished stage by stage. From developer Panic Barn this game serve you new gameplay that really unique for soccer game.

Good Android Game Download

Tiki Taka Soccer is included to the top android game download because of its unique style of the gameplay that differents from the other soccer gameplay. The uniqueness of this game is in their control that just using tap and swipe. There is two mode control which is attack and defense. When you are attacking your enemy club, you can tap to the side you want the player move. To pass the ball just tap the player you wanted and it will automatically kick to the other player. To shoot a goal you need to swipe regarding the kicking post and your wanted direction. In defense, you player will be automatically chasing the enemies, otherwise, you could tap to make your player more aggressive. Their unique control is really challenging and make you addicted to this game. You will automatically try and try without thinking time that you’ve been spending out to play this game.

After all the talk in the above, you must know why this game placed in top the android game download. Overall, this is a must try game for people who loves soccer. Not just in gameplay, you can also manage the club like the manager being. This game is also addicting and challenging although there are game cheats. Good games to spend your time with. Don’t play this game at the office or you’ll be scolded by your boss.

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