Android Nougat: Latest Version Smartphone System

android nougat

android nougatAre you the people who use the Android as the system of your smartphone? Has your smartphone has upgraded the Android Nougat as the latest version of the smartphone Android system? Since the first time of launching this system, the Android always has the innovations and increase the features that include the update of the Android system. Nowadays, this is the latest version of the Android system in your smartphone is the Nougat. What is the Android-Nougat? Let’s check this article out when you want to know about the information.

What Is The Android Nougat?

The Nougat is the name of the Android system that has the serial number 7.0-7.1 or in the easy way you can call it Android 7. The Android announce this version on the June 1st, 2016, and launch on the August 23rd, 2016. The update version from the Android Marshmellow, the operating system that calls Android Nougat appear with the many kinds of features that the smartphone user becomes faster and easier to do their job and task. This Android system can you find in some smartphone that you can buy, or you can update the smartphone that you have before with the Nougat, but you need to underline that not all kinds of the smartphone can update this Nougat directly.

The Nougat is the operating system that prepared to have the able anticipations the technology trend that will support the modern technology and smartphone for your future. The feature that following the Nougat is very suitable to make your smartphone more modern than before. At least, there are more than 15 features that will you get when you choose the Nougat as the operating system for your Android smartphone. There is some the difference thing that makes the Nougat become the Android system that you should have it. That’s all about the Android Nougat information for you.

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