Apple iPhone 6S Review

Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6sIn this recent day, innovations are always done continuously by Apple as one of the biggest technology companies in the world. Until today there are many gadgets having been created by Apple and iPhone 6S becomes one of them. This iPhone series is the most popular gadget in 2016 and it is proven by the amount of how many iPhone having been sold in 2016. Indeed, this high sale is caused by its specs offered by Apple. After that are you curious about the specs of this iPhone? If you are, what you must do is reading the explanation as follow.

Review of iPhone 6S

Talking more about iPhone 6S itself, here you will find a review about good and bad things about this iPhone. With the information, here you are able to know why this gadget from Apple being loved by people. For good things of the gadget, you can see how great this iPhone 6S from three things here. Firstly, it has a great design as a gadget from Apple. Indeed, having a good design has attracted people. Its 3D touch which is impressive becomes another good thing found here. Also, the operating system in this iPhone is stable so that it helps the users in using the gadget.

On the contrary, there are still some bad things from this Apple product. For the first one is its battery which is not too good. In this case, the battery life is not too long so that when it cannot be used in very long hours. About the feature of Live Photos itself, it is just a gimmicky to attract the buyers. The resolution of the screen is not too good when we look at the high price offered by Apple. In short, those are good and bad things found in iPhone 6S. To get a further info, you need to visit

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