How To Avoid Cold And Flu

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Health careCold, Flu, and Salesman are the most basic disease in the world. It can attack everyone from children to adults. They are respiration disease caused by a virus called Influenza. It is mostly harmless, but it can be really annoying and burden. Normally, if you caught a cold, your body will be cured by itself, since your body had its own immunity system, but with medicine, we can get rid of the Influenza virus faster. Although it is not a really dangerous disease, can be easily cured and the medicine is not really expensive. This disease is well known for its persistent and annoyance. Well, it is always better to know how to avoid certain disease than curing it. Prevention is always better than the cure. Now, we will tell you about how to avoid this annoying disease.

Guide On How To Avoid Getting Cold Or Flu

Influenza is the virus that causing flu and cold. This virus is well known for its adaptability and persistent. Even with the latest medicine, we can’t really prevent this virus coming in our body. Influenza virus always evolving from time to time, evolving to be better, and can slip through our body defense and causing the flu. So, the way to avoid this rather annoying disease is to boost our body immunity. To boost our immunity system, we need to eat healthily, always exercise, and sleep well. Also, if you have friends or family that had a cold, you need to ask them to use a mask, so the virus won’t spread.

Eating healthy foods like fruits, meat and vegetables are always great to increase your immunity system. Fruits, especially fruit that high on vitamin C is the best for increasing vitamin C. Oranges, Guavas and Strawberry is great, high in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Try to get exercise once a week to refresh your body. Prevention is always better than cure.

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