Bad Habits People Do Before Sleeping

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Health lifeSleeping becomes the important thing in which all people should get. Without sleeping, indeed we cannot do our daily activities caused by sleepy and bad focus. That is why a goof quality of sleeping at night must be had. Unfortunately, there are several bad habits commonly done by people at night so that it ruins the quality of sleep. Thus, what are those bad habits? Just check it out in the following passage.

  1. Watching TV

In this recent day, there are many interesting TV programs which are provided including TV program at night. That is why people like watching TV. However, if you watch it in the time of sleeping can ruin your quality of the sleep since you will sleep late.

  1. Phone Cells

Another bad habit dome before sleeping is phone cells. The radiation of this technology actually can influence people while sleeping. Thus there are many people who cannot sleep well when they are sleeping beside the phone.

  1. Over-eating

In fact, over-eating will cause your sleep quality being bad. It is caused by your body is going to work hard to digest the food. As the result, you cannot sleep well.

  1. Net Surfing

In the next one, there is net surfing. Nowadays people like to use the internet and when they do it before sleeping indeed it will ruin the quality of sleep. The lights from the computer actually can cause the body always feeling tired.

  1. Consuming Caffeine and Alcohol

For another bad habit is that you consume caffeine and alcohol. As it is known that caffeine and alcohol can cause people cannot sleep well. That is why you should avoid them.

Those are several bad habits which are commonly done by people. Of course, if you do those bad habits, you will have a bad sleep quality. Hence the best thing to do is avoiding all the bad habits above.

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