Best Age For Pregnancy

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Health lifePregnant is the most wanted things that every woman wanted to feel it. Every woman who has married will be automatically waiting their turn in getting pregnant. However, ages are being the most thing that every woman should pay attention more. your ages that not being calculated right might make your pregnancy in danger. before you are planning your pregnancy, better to know the good and bad of pregnancy in each age.

Pregnancy in 20’s is the best situation physically for every woman. All of the woman’s in this age are having a healthy fertile that good for pregnancy, but at some points, in this ages, many women’s are not ready yet to have baby or children, many of them having a problem mentally. In the 30s, women’s are not as healthy as they are in 20s. Physically those woman’s who’s in the 20s are better than those who’s in 30s. But mentally, those who’s in their 30s will be ready and better than that woman who’s in 20s. As the time goes by, a woman in their 30s will be mature and have their mother nature. for those woman in 35s will easily have twins because of the good the hormones. The possibility of having twins are more than the 30s and even the 20s. but those who’s in 35s should really aware and be careful with their pregnancy. Women’s in the 40s still can be pregnant as long as they are keeping their healthy life. But there is a little possibility to pregnant in this ages.

Moreover, people who’re in the 40s have mostly had some disease that could affect the pregnancy. The woman could pregnant until they are getting menopause, before that all those women still had a chance in getting pregnant. A woman who’s got pregnant in 45’s should really be careful about their pregnancy because the possibility of having a miscarriage is bigger in this ages. So that the mother should really take care of her babies since a little.

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