Best No Wifi Games

Let’s talk about no wifi games Android! Nowadays having an internet connection is really important. You can do anything with an internet connection. From online on social media, watching videos, and playing games. But what happens when you don’t have internet connection as you want to play a game? Of course, it must be so annoying whenever you want to play a game but there is no internet connection.

Best No Wi-Fi Games Android

As we mentioned before, we will talk about best no wifi games Android. There are many great games that you can download for Android. As we know that Android is a great operation system when it comes to downloading software.

  • Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an addictive game! The interface of this game is an 8-bit pixel. But the art style is so gorgeous that makes you always want to play this game. The game is very simple. You just control a chicken who just want to cross the road. All you have to do is tap it to go to one lane ahead. After that, you need to swipe in any direction so the chicken will move to that side. Your chicken should avoid the cars in the streets and the streams along your path. Your goal is to make the chicken go to green grass which is the safe area as often as you can. If you play this game, you need to move the chicken fast!


  • Lazors

For someone who loves puzzle, we recommend you to try this game. This game is the top-voted game on the internet. So you need to download it and experience the game by yourself. This game is interesting yet challenging at the same time. There are more than 250 levels in this game to play it.

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