Can Black People Get Lice Easily?

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healthy recipes and beauty tipsOne of the problems that are usually faced by children is lice. It is commonly found in children head and hair. Feeding on blood, lice can cause serious itching of the head. Then, can black people get lice easily? This question actually becomes the common question which asked by people. In fact, African children have a lower rate being infected by lice rather than white and caucasian children. Of course, it cannot be separated with some facts about African children. What are they? Here is the answer that you can read.

Can Black People Get Lice Very Easily?

Talking more about lice, there is still a big question that is can black people get lice? Indeed African children will not be infected by lice easily. It is caused by some the reasons here. For the first reason is the structure of the hair in African people that are different from both Caucasian and white people. Lice will tend to choose straight hair rather than curly one since straight hair will be nicer for lice to cling. If there are African children who get lice, they have not too curly hair or a little straight.

Moreover, the habit of African people to apply oil for their hair cause lice are uncomfortable to live there. The aim of the use of the oil itself is to make their hair to be easier to be combed. All people from children to adult usually use this kind of oil. Then, when there is a child infected by lice, there is a good treatment for her like combing the hair well. This treatment will help the other children not to be infected by lice. In short, can black people get lice easily? The answer is yes they can since there are various reasons as having been mentioned above.

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