Can We Live With One Lung?

one lung

one lungAre you wondering whether you can live with one lung only or not? Well, the answer is practically simple. You can absolutely live with a lung only. As we now, we have two lungs as a normal person. However, due to lung disease or cancer, we may need to get rid one of our lungs in order to survive. When it happens, it is surely possible for us to live without two lungs. It may sound hard, but there are people who can survive healthily with this condition.

Can We Live With One Lung Only?

Now that we have known about the possibility for people to live with only a lung, you may start to wonder whether we have any other organ to live without. Well, there are actually some organs which we can live without. In the first place, we have a kidney. When we can live with one lung, we can also live with one kidney. As we know, humans normally have two kidneys. However, there are people who live with only a kidney and they can survive for long. It can be removed because of donation or injury. The point is people with one kidney can also live normally with this situation.

In addition to kidney and lung, it is also possible for a human to live without a spleen. When kidney and lung are organs with two proportions, these two organs can be removed with leaving its other proportion to hold its function. However, when it comes to the spleen, it is removed without such condition. On the other hand, even though there is no spleen in our body, it is possible for us to survive. Since it functions to filter blood and battle infection, when it is removed we may only get a higher risk of infection, but we can still survive. Now, you have known whether people can live with one lung or not

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