Reduce The Oily Skin With Natural Face Mask

Oily skin is very annoying in the daylight. You will look so dull or pallid. How much powder should you apply if you have too oily skin? I believe it will be too much. So, if you want to save more your loose powder every day; you should reduce your oil on your skin. How? There is one good way to reduce your oily skin naturally. That is by using a natural face mask.

Several Natural Face Mask To Reduce Oily Skin

Makeup can help you but just temporarily. You know how the makeup will be faking your real skin but you will see your real skin at night, again. Well, if you have a boyfriend; you surely do not want to look so much pallid in front of him. So, let’s try to use a natural face mask as follow:

  1. White egg mask. You may use this white egg mask not only for reducing the oil on your skin but also will make your skin smooth and also bright.
  2. Use apple cider vinegar as the toner and mask. Ok, maybe you should not use the apple cider vinegar as a mask without mixing it with water. It will make your skin become dry too fast. So, if you want to have healthy skin without too much oil; you just use it as a toner.
  3. Clay mask made of mint and lemon. It will be very good for your oily and acne prone skin. You will find many products made of this natural substances.
  4. You may also use the Aloe Vera gel as your night mask before sleep. You better do not use too much before you do your makeup.

Any kind of clay mask is very good for oily skin. So, if you want to use clay mask but you cannot create it by yourself; you should find out the natural products made of the natural substances. You will find many of natural skincare products from South Korea and Japan. So, I wish you will have better skin soon.

Tips Choosing Supplements For Health

Do you need more supplements to encourage your activities every day? You should choose natural health supplements rather other supplements with too many chemical ingredients. Here, I will share the tips to choose the supplements for your health. It is not easy to know which the best thing is for you especially the supplement, medicine or healthy foods. See the tips here.

How To Choose The Supplements For Your Health?

There are many supplements nowadays. However, not all of them are good for anybody. Sometimes you need to consider several things before you start to consume some kind of supplement. Here are the several consideration and tips to choose supplements for health:

  1. You should make sure it is not too much chemical and mostly herbal or natural health supplements. You will see it from the ingredients or you can see from advertisement even though sometimes it is not always true.
  2. You should know your own health condition whether you allow consuming the supplements or not.
  3. You should ask your doctor about the supplements you may consume and not. It is very important because it is related to your own health.
  4. You should make sure the supplements have permission from FDA or other health permission in your country.

So, those are the several important considerations to choose the supplements. The natural supplements are still the best options. Maybe you may use the natural ingredients to make your own supplement for your daily activities. There are many good tips related to those things. Thus, that is all. You may find the same topic here: You may find the tips to create your own healthy supplements there. Then, you may share all your new information there with your family and friends. I wish this article also useful for you.

Being Healthy In A Simple And Easy Way

Being healthy it’s something that very important for the human race because when they are in healthy condition, they can do lots of stuff and things, of course, there are things that you need to do, in order to gain the healthier body. In this article, we will try to guide you achieving the best and good body and of course, this will help you become healthier than you are right now. So, if you are one of the busiest people in this era, then you would like to know how to keep yourself healthy and in a very good way. So, read this article will help you to find out what things that you need to do in order to keep you healthy.

How To Get A Healthier Body?

The human body needs to rest and their need to calm down because human body it’s not something that you can push to their limits. It will damage the cells, the muscles and everything inside the body. To keep it healthy, you need to know how, and glad you are here right now because we will provide you with the good way that will help you can be healthy in the future.

  1. Diet

Diet will help you manage the food and beverages that you will consume and also this will help you avoid eating food that’s not really good for your body as well.

  1. Exercise yourself

Exercising yourself at least twice a day, after you wake up and before you sleep for 30 minutes, it will help you to burn the fats that contain in your body, and also doing it before you sleep will help you to get a better and proper rest time as well.

  1. Eat Lots of Foods that Contain Lots of Good things

Your body needs fibers, vitamins, minerals, and also calcium’s and proteins. So, make sure if you can get enough of those things in one day.

When you want to live a better life in the future and also you want to keep your body in a good state, those three things will be the good things that you can do, and of course, you need to start from now on in order to achieve the goal in your old days.

Four Easy Tips to Maintain Your Health

These days, human lifestyle becomes more and unhealthier due to a junk food consumption and lack of exercise. This lifestyle lead to the increasing prevalence of obesity and cardiovascular disease. To counterattack this situation, you can read the tips to maintain your health on the next paragraph.

Suggestions for Health Maintenance

Several suggestions in maintaining our health will be elaborated below:

  • Do cardio exercise or increase your walking: cardio or aerobic exercise can be considered one among the best exercise for both physical and mental health. It can reduce your belly fat effectively. If you do not have time to visit gym, you can simply increase your daily walking to be able to enjoy the benefits of cardio exercise.
  • Consume enough protein: protein is a very important nutrient for our body. It helps people to lose weight through various mechanisms. It can also boost your metabolism and keep your stomach full, which can control your daily calorie intake. Protein also reduce craving and helps to control blood pressure and blood sugar level.
  • Consume more fruits and vegetables: both fruits and vegetables are considered the standard healthy food. They contains various beneficial nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, various antioxidants, and prebiotic fiber. Various studies stated that consuming more fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.
  • Consume additional vitamin D3 if you barely see the sun: nowadays, less people are exposed to sufficient sunlight, which affect the formation of vitamin D in their body. To maintain the adequate level of vitamin D in your body, consuming vitamin D supplementation is recommended.

The tips mentioned above are some of the most useful ways to maintain your health. Surely, there are many things you need to consider to stay healthy. Even so, you can start it gradually by applying the tips mentioned above.

Period Pain Management and Prevention You Need to Know

As women, menstrual can be dreadful and so painful, right? It is the most annoying part when the period comes. The pain may come before or during the time, and we as women may not get used to it. The menstrual cramps are the contraction of the womb. The pain can range from mild to severe and it is felt on your back and lower belly. If you experience the mild one, you may never face the problem. However, for those who experience the severe pain, it can be difficult to handle.

Menstrual Pain Treatment and Prevention

Having severe period pain need to be handled quickly. There are several ways to beat the pain. If you have the mild pain, you only need to take aspirin or other pain relievers. Heat can also reduce your pain. You can put a heating pad on your belly and leave for minutes to clam your belly. Or, you can drink a cup of hot tea before and during menstrual. Besides, eat more greens also help you to avoid muscles contraction. Magnesium, calcium, as well as micronutrients, are what your body needs in a stagnation condition which can reduce bloating. And, if your pain never gets better, we recommend you to meet your doctor.

In addition, prevention is always better than medication. There are several things you can do in order to avoid menstrual cramps during the period. For reducing the risks of menstrual cramps, you can start by healthy living. Yup! Healthy living is the effective way to stay healthy and get rid of health problem. Eating real foods like fruits and vegetables and eliminating intake of caffeine, sweets, salts, alcohol, and fat can be the best move to have a no-pain period. Besides, working out regularly also contributes to less the possibility of menstrual cramps.

Stretching Before Going Bed, Why?

Going bed is the most amazing thing ever in our life. After a long day, all your part of your body and mind will be rest peacefully in a night. Still, you need to exercise before going bed. Although you are exhausted enough, you need to do the little movement to make your body feel fresh and stronger on the next day. For the simple way, you can do some stretching. You do not need to do hard exercise. Just do the simple ones like stretch your arms and feet, take a breath in and out, and many more. Is it really important to do stretching before going bed? Find the reasons here.

The Importance Of Stretching Before Going Bed

As mentioned before, you need to stretch your body out even before you are going to bed. You need to make sure that you have a right move for your body. Besides, here are the best benefits of stretching your body before going sleep:

  • You can get a better quality of sleep if you do stretching before sleeping. You can stretch some point on your body like hands, shoulders, necks, and chest. It is highly guaranteed that you can sleep well and wake up freshly on the next morning.
  • You can get less injury when you stretch your body. As like as before going to do exercise, you need to do stretching to avoid the injury. It also happens when you want to sleep. Since your body moved continuously, your muscle will be tired. That is why you need to cool it down slowly. In contrast, if in a day you are only sitting at back desk so your body will be stiffer. That is why stretching is needed to make your body be more flexible.
  • You will decrease your stress after stretching. Stretching your body will lead your muscle o to be tensed down.

Color Your Days With Perfect Music Playlist

Music has been a part of human life. There are plenty of people who fall in love with music and take a whole new level of their love for music. Whether they play music or they just listen to the music they like, it is very important for them to get the daily dose of music. You might be one of them and you always look for the best music. In this case, mp3 juice can be your answer for finding the best music selection in the world. Indeed, they have the best music database for every music lover. So, you should not miss it!

The Key Features Of Mp3 Juice

There are plenty of benefits that will be obtained when you’re using mp3 juice. But, there are some key features that will be your best consideration to choose using this site. Here are some benefits of accessing this website for your music lifestyle.

  1. This website has many features, but the most effective feature is the music download. Of course, on this website, you can download many songs and music easily. You don’t have to do many things, but you can download them just with some clicks away.
  2. The website also offers the YouTube downloader feature. In this case, the feature is a perfect thing for you if you can’t find a file from YouTube channels. Therefore, you can get this useful feature on the site, giving more than just a glimpse to the music you love. After downloading, you can listen to the music right away.
  3. The website is big and also trusted. Many people access this website for getting their favorite music. You can also experience the best music on this website, making sure that you can get the most fun music download and others.

We believe that having the best music playlist on your device will be really helpful in giving more than just an entertainment, but also something to boost your mood and increase your happiness. Therefore, get the best, latest music in mp3 juice right now!

Cold Water Can Reduce Weight, Myth Or Fact?

Have you ever heard of information that tells you cold water is able to reduce your weight? If you have, you may wonder how comes it can happen. You may start to wonder whether it is true or not that you can use cold water to reduce your weight. To help you get out from the labyrinth here is some information that you can use as the key.

Study About Relationship Between Weight And Cold Water

To make it more reliable, let’s start by using a study that has ever learned about the relationship between these two. Well, it is safe to say that the information is not entirely false since using cold water especially for taking a bath can help us to burn a calorie.

Actually, the study about reducing weight by taking a bath by using cold water is not a new study since there have been many studies about it long years ago. However, all of those studies are still needed to be studied again because there is no exact conclusion found.

What You Must Alert About Taking A Bath With Cold Water

Even many studies have found the effectiveness of taking a bath with cold water to reduce weight, there is also the thing that you need to take into account when you are taking a bath by using cold water. In this case, taking a bath too long with cold water is considered to be dangerous for our body.

At this point, it is said that when we take a bath too long with cold water, it may have a bad effect on our heart. It can even lead us to die. So, it is important for us to know that even it is a good way to reduce weight; we should not do it too much because it may only make our body gets worse. That’s all!

Tips on How to Choose the Most Suitable Health Insurance for Your Condition

Despite being an important aspect in our life, choosing the most suitable health insurance for your condition can be quite a headache. There are a lot of factors that may affect the outcome of the decision you have made. This article will give you some tips to choose the right insurance for you and your family.

Choosing the Suitable Health Insurance

You can read the suggestions to choose a health insurance on the list below:

  • Considering the coverage options and limits: to cover the expense, you need to consider the amount of every plan will pay. The best plan is the one that does not have lifetime benefit maximum. If it is not available, you can choose the highest annual and available maximum that you may afford.
  • Checking your extra expenses: checking the amount of your deductible every year is very important. It is the price you need to pay before the insurance starts to pay for part of the price. Several insurance plan need you to pay the deductible beforehand.
  • Summing the maximum costs: total the amount that you need to pay from every plan if emergencies or worst condition happen. Make sure to add the insurance’s cost for every plan. You can choose the plan with lowest premium if you tend to be a healthier person. But if you are prone to sickness, you can choose the one that cost the least extra expenses for a whole year.
  • Avoiding high deductible option: this type of insurance offers lower premium, but you need to pay for all things unless you have met your deductible.

Those are several tips on how to choose the best insurance for your condition. Make sure the read the policies and the benefits of your chosen plan so you can get the most benefits with the least amount of money spent.

Detect Infantigo Based On Its Types

Have you ever heard about infantigo? It is one of the skin problem caused by bacteria. Staphylococcis aureus and Stereptococcus pyogenes are two kinds of bacteria causing this skin problem. Actually, the bacteria might appear because of the low hygiene. That is why people with this problem mostly are living in the unhygienic place. Moreover, a place with much crowded and tropical have big possibility to let those bacteria live in your skin. Then, there are also some different types of this problem which have different causes in specific.

3 Types Of Infantigo Caused By Bacteria

Actually, the infantigo or impetigo is not dangerous. However, it becomes more nuisance since it can develop more on your skin. If you did not cure it as soon as possible, so there is a possibility that the infection on your skin will be getting worst. In that situation, you have also to know first what kind of impetigo that might appear.

  • Ecthyma

Ecthyma will form a small with pus-filled sores infection. It comes along with a thicker crust which comes deeper into your skin. Moreover, the ecthyma also might appear with swollen glands. It causes pain then develop larger. In some condition, it grows deeper in your skin up to 3 centimeters. Mostly, it appears on legs, ankle, feet, buttocks, and also thighs. The ecthyma caused by both of bacteria.


  • Bullous

Different from ecthyma, bullous is caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Typically, the bullous will form a large blister with clear fluid inside. You can find the bullous on newborn babies on their neck fold and diaper area.


  • Nonbullous

Nonbullous or infantigo contagiosa is caused by Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, or a combination. At the first, the reddish comes on your skin then becomes larger and darker after the blisters burst out. It is not painful, but feel itchy.

Tips To Prevent Acne And Pimple

Now that you find acne or a pimple on your skin, you might like to know about some acne and pimples treatment that you can do to prevent this common skin condition. Even though it is not a deadly skin condition that can lead us to death, there is no doubt that understanding the way to prevent this skin condition is surely something that must be known by every person.

What Is Acne?

Before we learn more about this condition, have you known about what is acne exactly? Acne is known us outbreak that appears on our back, face, and chest. However, it is also possible that the condition appears on arms and any other area on our body.

What Are The Types Of Acne?

Moreover, it is also important for us to learn about the possible types of acne which may happen to our body in addition to learning the acne and pimples treatment. Here are some of the types are included.

  • Inflammatory acne: This acne is the one that is commonly caused by a little infection delivered by bacteria of acnes.
  • Non-inflammatory acne: This acne is the one that is characterized by blackheads and also whiteheads. However, it is not the one with nodules or cysts.

How To Prevent Acne And Pimple?

So, what should we do to prevent this skin condition to happen? Here are several tips that you can do to avoid having this problem on your skin.

  • Clean your face and skin regularly by using good face cleanser. It is important that you take soap or cleanser that is suitable for your skin.
  • Stay hydrated. To avoid inflammatory in our body which may cause acne and others, you need to make sure to stay hydrated.
  • Know the right treatment. Then, you need to know the right acne and pimples treatment as you see the sign or symptom of acne or a pimple.

Have Support Your Mental Health?

We might have done several exercises and have eaten the right food that will help us to improve our health, but we miss the mental health that we might not really pay attention. The mental health is what we need to support when we want to improve our health completely. You will also find that the mental or emotional health is the key to help you improve your overall health. This is what you need to know when you want to make improve your health today. In fact, there are several things that we can do to improve our emotional health easily. These following things are what we need to do easily when we want to improve our overall health.

Things That We Can Do to Improve Mental Health

One simple thing that we can do improve our health is to have enough sleep. This is what you need to do to help you improve your mental health. We will need different duration to sleep at a different age. This is what we can do to easily improve our mental health. For instance, those from 18+ will need seven to nine hours to spend your time to sleep every day. This is the basic thing that you should know when you want to start improving your health. Although it is quite simple, sleeping will help you improve your emotional and mental health.

There are several more things that you can do easily to help you improve your health. For instance, you can try those new things. It will help you provide a new atmosphere in which your brain will react by improving the mental health of your body. You can also the exercise for your mind by reading or doing a different thing that will help your mind to exercise. This is also another important thing that you should do to get the best support of your mental health.

Health Tips to Avoid Sick-Warning

Many people have realized that health is important because they are now is sick. After they are sick, they now become aware that they must get rid of the sick. If they do not care about it, it will worsen the condition. If they also careless about the sick warning, it makes them be sick. But when they know the warning that sickness will be coming, and they do many things to make they have a strong immune body, of course, they are far from the sickness.

Ways to Avoid Sick-Warning

Before you get stress, actually your body will warn you that you will be sick. If you always care about yourself, you will know the difference whether now you have good body condition or not. If it says not, of course, you must do some preventive, such as you try not to go outside because it is cold on the outside. If you know there is some virus attacking in your environment, you must clean your home and make your home is hygiene because, by that, the viruses are difficult to attack you.

That is why before you get the warning about the condition of your body, it is better for you to stay healthy. You can do many things to make you are healthy. You can go to the doctor and do the consultation because the doctor, of course, will give you advice based on your condition. You also can get multivitamins from the doctor to make you have a better condition. Do not forget to get rid of your bad habit, such as you stop to smoke, stop to drink beer, to consume fast food, or many things that will the condition of your body is better because of that. Then, if you think you get a warning from your body such as you are tired easily, just quickly to consume healthy medicine such as drink herbal tea, so it will warm your body and hope that it can make you are fresh.

Ginger Benefits for Your Life

Ginger is very popular in Korea as home remedies and beauty treatment. In Korea, there is one kind of ginger that is good for health and beauty. That is why Korea called as a ginger country. Then, do you know what the specific benefits of this ginger are? You can see them all here. After this, maybe you will need more ginger in your kitchen and you will love gingerbread and cookies more.

Several Benefits of Ginger for Health

You know, this ginger not only become the traditional medicine or home remedies but also become the delicious drinks in some country. Well, it is because there are many good benefits of ginger for health. See below:

  1. Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

This is a very dangerous cancer for women and women very afraid of having this cancer. So, you should use ginger as your weapon if you do not want to have this cancer in you.

  1. Prevention of Colon Cancer

This ginger also very good for preventing colon cancer. Always keep this spice in your kitchen now.

  1. Relief Morning Sickness

It will be very useful for pregnant women to consume the ginger to relief their morning sickness.

  1. Reducing Pain and Inflammations

This spice will be one of the best home remedies for reducing pain.

  1. Relief the Heartburn

Use this spice as a home remedy if you have heartburn.

  1. A relief migraine

If you have migraine problem; you should use ginger as home remedies.

  1. Relief Menstrual Cramps

This ginger is very suitable for women’s problem.

  1. Prevention Cold and Flu

This ginger can warm your body when you have a cold or flu; then, it also can prevent it attacking you.

Thus, that is all the benefits of ginger for your body and health. You should not get the ginger from Korea; you can get them anywhere even though the kind is different. The benefits of any ginger are the same.

Best Essential Oils For Rosacea

If you have rosacea, it’s better to use essential oils for rosacea than using some skin care products that contain chemicals. What is rosacea? Rosacea is one of the chronic skin disorders when your skin is very sensitive, burning, and itching in all over the face. In the affected areas can grow pimples. Sometimes this disorder can be called as acne rosacea. The worst case of rosacea is when the skin beginning to thicken, especially on the nose. The cause of rosacea is still a mystery as until now there is no cure. But you can decrease the inflammation by using these essential oils for rosacea below.

Top 3 Essential Oils For Rosacea

The first oil in top 3 essential oils for rosacea is borage oil. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties which very beneficial to cure the acne. If you don’t know what borage oil is, this oil is an oil that extracted from the seeds of the Borago plant. This plant has rich essential fatty acid. Since our body can’t produce essential fatty acids, we need to take them from other sources such as Borage oil. The anti-inflammatory properties can also help to soothe the redness. If you use it regularly, you will have a healthier skin.

The next oil is chamomile oil. This oil is extracted from the flowers of chamomile plant. Why can this oil treat rosacea? Chamomile oil contains azulene which is a substance that has calming effect. When you apply this oil on your skin, the oil will soothe the skin and reduce the redness. The third essential oil is jojoba oil. This oil is not only treated rosacea, but jojoba oil also keeps your skin moisturized. Many parts of jojoba plant are very beneficial for our skin. You can use it as skincare product for your face and body. Visit for more essential oils for rosacea.