Correctional Services Learnership 2017

Correctional Services Learnership

Correctional Services LearnershipAre you preparing for an internship or learnership for 2017? If you are, you may like to learn more about correctional services learnership offered in this year. Well, it is no secret that this offer is highly interesting especially for those who want to learn more about certain live skills they need to enhance their overall performance in daily life. For you who are getting interested to know further about this learnership in 2017, here are some points that you should learn from this year’s learnership program.

What to Learn from Correctional Services Learnership 2017

When it comes to learnership program offered by Correctional Services Department, we can expect for a prepared program that is able to ease jobless and poverty which is now become the common issue in the society. By learning a new skill, people will have more opportunity to compete with others. That’s why joining correctional services learnership in this year is a big opportunity for everyone. Of course, it is available for everyone. However, everyone in here means everyone who is qualified to the program requirements. There are some requirements which must be fulfilled if you want to join this program. Check the requirements as follow.

One of the requirements is being in ownership of a standard tenor grade 12 in case of certificate. If you are not in the category, you can also join this program if you have Training Certificate of NQF for fourth level and certificate of Further Education. If it is still not you, you may have certificate of Vocational Studies with NQF level four. In addition to these requirements, you are supposed to be 21 until 35 years old to join this program. Then, you should not have record of criminal case as well. If you need further information, follow this link:

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