Creating Your Custom Sticker From Scottie

custom sticker

custom stickerNowadays, the trend of the custom sticker has been popular among people ranging from simple design stickers to unique die-cut designs, in addition, there are some materials that are widely used in making this sticker printing, one of which is the spotlight. Scottie is a cutter sticker that has been so, meaning that this spotlight has a color and is usually used in for making die cut or kiss cut sticker. How to make die cut stickers from spotlight material is very easy and more practical than using other materials.

How To Make Custom Sticker From Spotlight

Sticker printing is a vinyl sticker that is often used for cars, etc. One material that is often used for making die cut sticker is spotlight because it is easier and practical when compared with other materials. Die cut or kiss cut stickers are often used to decorate helmets, cars, etc. to make it look more cool and unique. This is considered as a custom sticker that you can make it yourself. Here are the steps: Things to do in making die cutting with the spotlight, is drawing the desired die cut sticker design on the spotlight. You just draw the design or pattern only without having to give color to the stickers that will be made. Cutting. After the process of drawing is finished, then the next is cut out the die-cut spotlight based on the design patterns that have been drawn on the material. This process requires precision and caution so that the results more neat and good. The next process is packaging sticker printing, which is to remove the unused spotlight and tidy the results of cutting pattern design die cut stickers, then given with masking tape.

That’s a few steps in the process of making Custom Sticker with spotlight material, but if you want to get much better results then try to make a die cut sticker spotlight material by way of print directly above spotlight so it will give different effects from other stickers.

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