Cut Plexiglass By Score And Snap

plexiglass home depot

plexiglass home depot

Plexiglass is commonly used for any building. It is tougher than glass since it does not break easily. Typically, you can find it in cut or sheets in Home Depot.  However, it will little have bit difficult to find plexiglass Home Depot. Some of them may not serve cutting service for plexiglass so you have to bring it to woodworking place to cut it. Then, you can do two methods for cutting the plexiglass which are from large or small sheets.

How To Cut Plexiglass Home Depot

If you only found plexiglass Home Depot in sheets but you have to resize it, so you can cut those sheets into the proper size. There are two methods that can be used which are using snap and score and using circular blade saw. You can choose the first method to get small pieces of plexiglass. You can use a paper covering the sheet since it scratches easily. You can also use plastic and double paper to protect the plexiglass. After that, lay the sheet that is protected by the paper on flat surface. You can use a yardstick to get right measurement of a size that you want then mark on it.

Then, you can start to score the mark by using a glass cutter. The score in each line for 5 times to 10 times from front to back. If you already scored it from one side, so you can place the scored into an upside. After that, press down on the line sharply. You can use a saw to smoothen the edges of plexiglass home depot. To make it thicker, you can drill the plexiglass by using as a buffer that is covered by the pad. You can do same steps for another shape. Just make sure that you have the rights size for plexiglass that will be placed.

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