Earliest Signs of Pregnancy You Miss

earliest signs of pregnancy

earliest signs of pregnancyAmong so many earliest signs of pregnancy, there are only a few of them which many people familiar with. We cannot deny that missed menstruation and morning sickness become the most popular signal among many others. On the other hand, there are other signals which you may miss throughout your beginning time to have a child. Now that you are here, let’s discuss the most common indications for getting pregnant which are usually ignored by many people.

Earliest Signs of Pregnancy You Usually Miss

The sense of being really exhausted is one of the general signals of getting pregnant which you usually ignore. It is because the feeling is quite similar to the one we feel during the pre-menstruation period. In some ways, you may think that it is just a common feeling you usually get. However, it is possible that you may get pregnant by feeling very exhausted. The next earliest signs of pregnancy are aching boobs. It is another symptom which can be seen on pre-menstruation period as well. However, it is quite different when we take the darkening nipple into account as well. As the pregnancy gets older, you may feel more burdens on the breasts as well.

Then, you may think that constipation cannot be another signal of getting pregnant. In fact, the increased level of progesterone in your body may cause you to suffer constipation at the time of your pregnancy. That’s why it is highly suggested for you to take more water to deal with such problem during the pregnancy period. Moreover, repeated urination is another symptom which is usually ignored by women. During the first 6th to 8th week, it is possible for you to experience such situation as a consequence of the hormone rates. These are a little about earliest signs of pregnancy you usually fail to notice.

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