How To Edit Apk Files Without Computer

how to edit apk files

how to edit apk filesHey you if you are the users of Android, then here is the good news for you. Now you can easily change the feature in the app or even game. This will be easy to do because you will not need that personal computer or even laptop to work on it. There is an application that you can use if you want to change that Apk files by using Apk editor. Here will be shared a tutorial on how to edit Apk files. Usually, it will need an expert to do it, but now you can exactly be the expert of it by reading the following explanation.

How To Edit Apk Files Without Computer Easily

Well, first of all, you need to know the function of this application called Apk editor. Yes, this application has a function that will make you easier in doing several changes on your Apk files. The functions will include doing modification of App name, and then you can change the layout and also application account. With this Apk editor you can remove the ads which are annoying that sometimes appear while you are using the application, and also make and change the installation to SD card, and the last to remove the permission that is unwanted in the application. Here in the down below you will take a look at the tutorial on how to edit Apk files.

To use this application the first that you need to do is that need to download that Apk editor. If it is done then you can install it in your Smartphone. To use this application, you need to do that root access. This root access will make it easier. After that, you can go do several things that you want to do whether you want to change the name app or remove the ads and so on. Well, that is a tutorial on how to edit Apk files using Apk editor.

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