Features of 2018 Toyota Corolla

2018 toyota corolla

2018 toyota corollaSoon we will find another cool car from Toyota. It comes in corolla lineup, and the 2018 flagship surely brings some fresh features that we have been longing for. Just like another corolla, this car belongs to the compact car which is suitable for daily roaming in a city. It is powerful family car packed with decent look and features. Thus, it makes 2018 Toyota Corolla recommended for any family in the future. This car will not be released anytime soon. However, there has been news spreading around about the look and its notable features. Here is the list of those features.

Look for Features in 2018 Toyota Corolla

The first feature that you will receive is enhanced driver assistance and safety. Somehow this is improved for driver and passenger convenience. This becomes standard features just like usual, but it is revamped to meet current demand. Features of 2018 Toyota Corolla also involves special edition with cool looks that will make it pop-out on the roads. This brand new impression definitely brings new color to Corolla lineup which is quite famous for its boring look. In addition to the new look, the engine selection is also enhanced.

Another thing that should be concerned about is the engine. The horsepower is expected to experience improvement from 132 to 135 or so. There is no significant rise as the sedan is still designed to maintain mpg for better fuel efficiency. 2018 Toyota Corolla surely brings more interesting features as a basic package. That includes a cool multimedia system and many other kinds of stuff. After all, this car is absolutely worth to wait. It is possible to buy or lease this car once it is released. However, it may take a year or so before it happens. In the meantime, you may need to save some money for purchasing brand new corolla.

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