How To Get Rid Of Lice Attacks

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Health lifeWhen people feel some itchiness on their head, they might face this condition: lice attacks. Basically, since many times before this small creature attacks people life by living in their head without permission. The probabilities in kids to be infected with these bugs will bedtime when they have a direct contact with other kids. Why do lice live on the head? It is because it sucks blood as their main meals daily. Once they suck the blood, people will feel itchy. As the reaction, they may scratch their head using hands to reduce this uncomfortable feeling.

Lice are a family member of bugs that do not have wings. To transfer from one head to head, they have to crawl. It might happen once they keep close each other. Sometimes, they also crawl through sharing combs. Therefore, using a private comb is necessary to avoid the attacks of lice. For one cycle of life, it can live for three days. During this period, it will drop certain eggs that will be lived as mature lice. If this condition is left behind, more to will be found on the head.

When people face this case, they should use lice comb to let the eggs and lice drop and fall. This is a useful action rather than removing it manually from the head. It will take more times. Besides that, keeping the head clean and health should be everyone’s responsibility. When a kid gets this situation, he should be sterilized to avoid serious further effects.

The lice medicine can by in the drug store. This chemical agent will kill the lice in massive attacks. They only wait for a night by applying for this medicine and cover it using a towel. In the morning, they will die for instance. But, before it becomes endemic, it requires serious prevention efforts that people do regularly.

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