Do Green Roses Exist?

green roses

green rosesGreen roses are really great, especially for a gift. They are unique and they are just soothing. Many people try to make this kind of rose as a gift. However, it is important to know that most people know that such beautiful rose is completely fake. The reason is because that green flower is made up. You may have done such thing before when you are a kid. The procedure is simple, and it does not take quite a while. After all, it is basically a white rose dyed to green to accommodate specific purpose. The question is here being for real green rose. Does such rose exist in the first place?

Existence Of Green Roses

The answer for that is astonishing. Green roses are among other types of rose that has been around for quite a while. Unfortunately, it is quite rare to find one because the roses are asexual. You cannot find pollen for it to reproduce, and that is why it is fairly difficult to find the real roses in green color. Indeed, there is the real green rose. However, you may need to travel around the world to get one. Once you know the appearance, you may not be completely happy with that.

The appearance of green rose is not like another rose we all know so far. The petals are different as I am sharper and it looks like sharp daisy if you will. Even so, there are so many people are actually trying to hunt this rose. It is designed for specific purpose and for a special display. It is also because of its rarity which makes the flower worth seeing. Since it is extremely rare to find green roses, some people really do not want to give the rose to other people even in special occasion. After all, it is very rare.

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