Healthy Meal For Dawn Before Fasting

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Health careNot long for today, we would like to pass the Fasting Month. Every Muslim should have the fasting as the shape to pray with their God. If you are not a Moslem, the fasting is not only for the Moslem, some of you also can do the fasting to make your body healthier than before. When fasting, you should consume the healthy meals to dawn before fasting and the healthy meals to break-fasting to complete the daily nutrient that your body need to have the activities. Let’s check this article when you curious about the healthy meal for your dawn before fasting!

The Healthy Meal For Your Dawn

For beginning the fasting, you should hold the breakfast very early in the morning. You should have the dawn about at 3 a.m. Although you eat the meals in the earliest morning, you should choose the meals that have the nutrition which enough to complete your body’s need to have the normal activities and your normally days. The first, you should start your dawn with consuming a glass of fresh water to complete the fluid need of your body. After that, you also should choose the fruits to your dawn, the electrolyte on the fruits will help you to get the fit and fresh body on your day. You can consume the juice without the sugar also can help you to control the hemoglobin in your body.

You also can choose the complex carbohydrate, because this carbohydrate containing with less sugar. The sweet meals can make you feel hungry quickly because your body will release some insulin quickly and need the new intake as the energy. You also can choose the vegetable and the animal protein to complete your main meals for your dawn. You should avoid the frying food for dawn, it’s will cause the sleepy in the day because it can decrease the oxygen on your body until 20%. That’s all some nutrition foods for your dawn, thank you for reading and happy trying.

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