Heart Attack Symptoms That You Should Know


emedicalguild.comThere is so much problem that can happen to your heart. The worse is a heart attack in which your heart suddenly stops working as usual. There are so many problems that allow such incident to happen, and you should know when it strikes you. There are some heart attack symptoms, and you should know all of them. The first is you feel uncomfortable with your chest. The discomfort feels like your chest is squeezed so tight that you eventually feel the pain. Burning sensation may follow afterward or together with it. Be sure to check this sign and call help immediately.

More Heart Attacks Symptoms To Know

The following symptom may not directly relate to heart attack, but it is important to be cautious. It is related to discomfort in your stomach area. Nausea, stomachache, indigestion, and upset stomach are the most common symptoms that you should be aware of. If response, they may be heart attack symptoms. Additionally, if the pain starts to extends to your arm –especially the left one – you should go checking it to the doctor. Even better, you also get immediate treatment because it is a sign of heart attack.

In addition to symptoms mentioned above, it is also possible that you get dizzy sometimes. It is not always occurring on people with a heart attack because it can be caused by anything. However, when you suddenly feel dizzy, unstable, and shortness of breath when changing activity – from sitting to standing up position, for example – you may need to consult your doctor to check. Even better, you call the doctor right away because that is among heart attack symptoms. Those are all some important things that you should know to about heart attack, you can visit emedicalguild for the detail, and please always be aware of yourself.

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