How To Reduce Stress

Health tips

Health tips

Stress can be painful and dangerous if you’re not getting rid of it properly. Stress can lead to depression. Some people will talk to other about their stress. They can talk about it face to face or at least on the phone. Your family, friends, significant other, and relatives are the best tools for handling stress. Share what’s on your mind and laugh are usually the best natural medicine. Beside this tip, there are other ways to get rid of stress. You don’t need a spa or go to a psychiatrist. Here are our tips to reduce stress.

How To Get Rid Of Stress

A few minutes of meditation can help ease stress. A study said that daily meditation can change the brain’s neural pathways. This will make you more resistant to stress. You don’t have to join a yoga class to meditate. In fact, you can do your own meditation. Just sit up right with both feet on the floor and close your eyes. Then, focus your attention on a positive mantra. You can recite them out loud or silently. You can also place your hand on your belly plus sync this mantra with your breaths.

Another easy thing besides talking to your closest ones about your stress and meditate is by breathing deeply. Just take a five-minute break to focus about your breathing. Close your eyes and sit up right. Place one hand on your belly and inhale through your nose slowly. Feel the breath start in your belly and works its way to the top of your head. Repeat this step as you exhale into your mouth. According to a certified life coach, Judith Justin, deep breathing reduce stress by lowering blood pressure and slowing the heart rate. If you always talk about your stress, meditate, and breathe deeply, you can say goodbye to your stress.

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