How To Treat A Fever

Health care

Health careFever happens whenever your body’s temperature is higher than its normal range. The normal degree is commonly known to be 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is not universal since adult and child has a different normal range in the case of body temperature. Based on NIH (National Institutes of Health), a child has a fever if his or her body is higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, an adult is considered having a fever when his or her body exceeds 37.2 to 37.5 degrees Celsius. Now the question is how to treat a fever?

One of the best ways to treat a fever is by using home remedies. It is not only recommended because it is easy to find. It is also recommended since it does not give you a side-effect after using it. Now, let’s begin with the first remedy. Cool water is the first and most popular home remedy that can work best with fever. You just need to soak a cloth in cool water then sponge it into areas like feet, armpits, hands and also groin in order to decrease your body temperature. In this case, you are not allowed to use very cold water. Just a cool tap water is enough.

Another home remedy that is popular to deal with fever is basil. This herb has been considered as an effective remedy that can bring down fever. To treat your fever by using basil, you should boil twenty basil leaves and a teaspoon of crushed ginger in a cup of water. You can also add honey a little. Drink this herb water for two or three times daily until you feel relief from the fever. If you are looking for other remedies, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and raisins are the best alternative solution.

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