An Intro To Bonzi Buddy

Now that you heard about Bonzi Buddy, you may like to know more about this one. At first, you may not think that this is actually a virtual assistant used for Windows operating system. Since it is available in the old days, you may not really know about this one especially if you are the younger generation. So, what is actually this software?

What Is This Software?

There are many ways that we can do to define this software. First, we can say that it is a virtual assistant just like your Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and more. Second, it is a spyware. It was what many people think about this software before which then followed by its break off until now. Third, this is software with purple ape which can throw jokes and even sing along for you.

What Makes It Different With Other Virtual Assistants

Then, what makes Bonzi Buddy different with other virtual assistants that we can find out there? Well, it is just like another assistant which is made to help you with your tasks. However, this one is considered to be useless since it does not help you with anything just throwing useless joke that will not make you laugh but cringe. That’s why there are many bad comments appear when we try to find this software on our search engine.

Furthermore, this software is more likely to being made just for fun. Well, other virtual assistants may help you to laugh or release your stress as well, but there is something that makes this cute purple app just lead you to get stressed. Because it is reported that the software downloads your personal information or something, it will only give you another problem later. That’s all a little that we can talk about Bonzi Buddy.

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