iPhone 7 Plus Specification

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win iphone 7From there are many brands of phone, which one is your favorite? Well everybody around the world seems to know about this phone or Smartphone, yes, it is iPhone. You know that this phone has been everyone’s favorite because it is designed very classy from the USA. You should know that this phone has its specification which is interesting. If you are the fans of iPhone then you must know right the progress of this Smartphone. You know that last year this company, Apple releases the new product called iPhone 7 this is the next series of iPhone 6. If you want to know about this iPhone 7 here you go.

iPhone 7 Plus Giveaway

Actually, for the types of iPhone 7 can be divided into two, they are iPhone 7 and also iPhone 7 plus. Actually, they are almost the same but still, there are several differences between them, and here you will be explained about iPhone 7 plus which has a great specification. Okay for the RAM you will see this phone has 2 GB of RAM. Well, it will be better because by having that size of RAM you will be able to run some application at the same time without any obstacle.

The next for the camera, well it is incomplete right if you do not have a camera on your phone. This iPhone 7 plus has a dual camera 12 Megapixel for the back camera, it has autofocused too and it has flash, so it will be possible for you to capture a moment in minimalist light. For the front camera, it is 7 megapixels, this is also great for your perfect selfie.  For the system operation, of course, this iPhone 7 use the newest, iOS 10. If you really want this phone you can go to this link then http://freeiphone7plusgiveaway.win. You can have the chance to win this iPhone 7 plus.

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