Knowing Feature Of Node.Js Express Tutorial

node.js express tutorial

node.js express tutorialDevelopers of applications either it is designed for the web or other architectures are trying to find the best way to approach efficient and easy access towards the program they want to build. One approach that they usually do is determining the best coding strategy. One of the possibility is using Node.js which becomes like a mandatory for developing a web-based application. Even though Node.js is one of the best options for developing an application for web, it is not always the best because of your real intention in building the web program from the beginning. Therefore, it is recommended to know whether Node.js express tutorial is essential for you.

Node.Js Express Tutorial For The Feature

One of the main features that distinguish Node.js and other server-side platform is bidirectional communication. It is important to note that web programming is designed for establishing communication between the server and the client side. For all these years, the communication does not go in two ways because the client is always the one who requests the information. However, with the presence of Node.js, it is possible that the interaction is triggered by the server side. This kind of feature, as noted as many Node.js Express tutorial, is called asynchronous and event-driven.

This kind of feature is absolutely life-changing. Many programmers for the web start to rely on the Node.js which was invented by Ryan Dahl. This becomes a great way to achieve quicker and more dependable platform for building any new program. Another best thing about Node.js is that it is super-fast. Even though it only has one thread that loops, it can send a big chunk of data to process. Therefore, it is really good for establishing a connection between the server and the client. This is the first thing about Node.js express tutorial that we can cover now.

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