Large Breeds Of Dogs

breeds of dogs

breeds of dogsIt is not surprising anymore that many people around the world would like to have dogs as a pet in their daily lives. Besides dogs are believed as men’s best friend, they can save them too as guards. It means for them who live alone or have no trusted friend, they can adopt dogs to let them sharing everything both for sadness and happiness moment. The preference about breeds of dogs might be slightly different each other. Normally, it depends on the size that people can select which one the best for them to company daily needs. Experts of dogs agreed for years that there are three main classifications according to this matter: small, medium and big size dogs are available.

The Large Breeds Of Dogs In Common

In general, when people hear about large breeds of dogs, they might be agreed to state Great Dane as one popular species. With height around 28-30 inches, this type dog is suitable to play a role as protector or guards for home and individual’s needs. The record height for this dog is about 44 inches. Actually, this German originated dog is a hybrid between mastiff and wolfhound species. Naturally have keen and aggressive personalities, with consistent and good training will make this dog clever and strong to save everything or company them for a walk.

On the other hand, another type of breeds of dogs in big size is a Neapolitan mastiff. Having height around 26-30 inches and weight in average 110 pounds, this type is suitable as protector or guard. Basically, this type of dogs is quite with sneak around without noticing things directly. Besides these two types dogs, Scottish deerhound is categorized as big breed dogs. It is stated as one biggest natural hunter around the world with height about 32 inches no matter would that means.

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