Lens Models Sold In Natural Circle Lens Store

As we have seen before that soft lens is a tool in terms of visual function that has a function that is almost equal to the glasses. It’s just soft lens is the latest breakthrough for those who have eye disorders but not confident to use glasses. In addition to good eye health, a soft lens is also very good in supporting our appearance for the better. As well as the lenses are sold by natural circle lens store, which lenses are sold to have various types and different models such as model aim medusa, princess mint, dream color and also the model avenue. Here is a detailed explanation.

Some Types Of Lenses Are Sold In Natural Circle Lens Store

As for some types of lenses are sold in natural circle lens store that has a very good quality of them are as follows:

  1. Soft lens water optics

Which type of soft lens has advantages that are manufactured using high technology so as to be able to withstand dirt, dust, and sediment from oil? What’s more interesting than this type of lens is to have a very soft texture and has an outer layer that is able to prevent the occurrence of eye dryness while keeping the eyes to remain moist. This type of lens has a larger price compared to the other is around 350ribu.

  1. Softlens Avaira

One of the best types of soft lens in addition to water optic is Avaira, where this type of soft lens almost has the same advantages as Optix water lenses, only in this type of lens has a more flexible texture, so it has a tremendous sense compared to using other lens models

  1. Softlens new look

In addition, the lens with this new look type has a good quality. This type of lens for most of it is not foreign anymore where this type of lens has a color variant that we can adjust the skin and shapes of our faces. The price of this product ranges from 290 thousand rupiahs only.

That’s some kind of lens that is sold by the natural circle lens store, which is still many other types of lenses are also no less interesting with the lenses that have been exposed.

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