Why Not Check Here Can Black People Get Lice?

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head careIf there are some question, can black peoples get lice? The short answer is yes. But if the question being how can black peoples get lice? Why not check here for some explanation how the black peoples get lice. Do you know that black people have lice less than the white people? If you want to know, how you should read this article more.

Lice On Black And White People? Why Not Check Here?

There are some differences between black people and white people while they get lice. What are they? Black people have lice less that the white people. How become like that? Lice have more interested in the round hair that the oval hair, and almost of black people have oval hair that is causing the lice are less in black peoples. Why not check here for more useful information?  The structure of lice’s claw is matched with the hair with round profile. If they stay on oval hair profile, they cannot move easily. With this situation, the lice should feel that they wanna kill their self or they should look for a new host that friendly environment and completed what they need.

The other reason why black people have fewer lice than the white one is their lifestyle. Young black boys cut the hair on their heads shaven. If there is no hair on their head, it also minimizes the possibility of lice to life in the head. Young black girls may not cut their hair, but they can make it be straight hair. After that, they also live in hot climes area, this hot clime can kill the lice. This is their way, why they have fewer lice on their hair. Wanna more information? Why not check here? Thank you for reading this article.

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