Nutritious Food for Healthy Living

Health care

Health careYou like what you eat; it’s a saying that says that the shape and what happens to your body is tailored to what we eat. So to be able to have the ideal body and healthy body we need to keep our diet as well as possible, in addition to maintaining a menu, we also need to consume tasty and healthy foods. To be able to perform daily activities we also need energy, where energy is obtained from food intake. The better the food we eat, the more power it gets to be able to perform daily activities. The following will be discussed foods that are good for health

Some Foods Are Good Health Support

Some foods that have an essential role in maintaining health and able to generate energy include fruits. Fruits are a type of food that has a high enough vitamin C content and rich in fiber, so it is good to keep the immune system to stay fit and healthy, fruits that contain vitamin C, for example, the orange, mango, and guava. In addition to fruits, the type of food that we need to consume is fish, which fish have omega three fatty acids are excellent also for health, which can maintain heart health, fish samples are tuna, and garden fish.

In addition to fruits and fish, vegetables are one of the foods that contain vitamin B9 which plays a role in improving memory and can educate the brain, an excellent example of vegetables for health such as spinach. Also, carrots are also right foods for health and need to be consumed, because carrots contain vitamin A which is very good for the health of vision organs such as eyes. Papaya is also a delicious fruit to be destroyed for people with diabetes because papaya can be used as a medicine. In addition to papaya, other nutritious food that supports other health is brown rice, which has a more complex carbohydrate compared to consuming white rice that can be at risk of causing diabetes belongs to the touch. These are some of the healthy foods your body needs to keep the immune system from various diseases.

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