Get Your Skin Healthy Every Day

Get Your Skin Healthy Every Day

Skin is the part of the body that everybody should have it well. That is the reason why you need to have skin treatment since you may look healthy by it. For your information, good skin means that you have no problem with it. Here are several things that you can have to treat your skin beautifully. Just follow the things below:

  1. No smoking

You know that smoking makes your skin going bad. Whether you are an active or passive smoker, it would be good for you to avoid it. Moreover, it would be worse for the women since it may age your skin. This would be good for you to stay away from smoke to make your skin keep fresh.

  1. Drinking water

Another thing that you can have to make your skin keep looking fresh is drinking plenty of water. This is completely good for you to have this every day. It is suggested that you should drink about 2 liters of water every day. This makes you feel good yet make your skin healthy as well.

  1. Having skin treatment

Another thing that you should have is skin treatment. You can get your skin scrubbed to exfoliate your skin. You can get this treatment for about once per two weeks. Another thing that you should have is putting on the sunblock whenever you are going out. This makes you feel protected from the UV light that has risk for skin cancer. In addition, you can treat by having lotion and using any skin treatment product which makes your skin keep healthy.

Thus, it would be good for you to get the skin treatment above. It would be completely good for you to have such thing. Hence, your skin will keep being healthy for so long.

Green Tea or Black Tea is good for Health

Green Tea or Black Tea is good for Health

Nowadays, tea is one of the popular beverages in society, especially green tea. There are so many variants of beverages made of this green tea. Not only green tea, some cakes or main course use green tea as the ingredients or flavor because it is so popular. Actually, green tea is so popular because it is healthy and smells good. It is tasty too when it is added to some delicious cakes and beverages. It is famous mostly because it is good for diet and decreases fat inside body. For your information, not only green tea that is healthy; other tea such as black tea is also good for your health.

Benefit Green & Black Tea For Health

Other than that, tea is good only to drink; it is also good for your skin. If you usually make a green tea every day or black tea every day; you can use the leaves as the mask for your face. It will make your face skin smooth and also heal the acnes. You just need to spread the tea leaves and rub it on your skin face. Your skin will be clean and also smooth in the morning. So, you better apply it before you go to bed.

Besides, your body inside healthier because of the tea, your skin will be healthier as well. So, you taking care both of your body parts, inside and outside with just one thing, the tea.

So, you know that green tea or black tea you drink will make you healthy inside or outside. If you want to just drink it; it is ok because your body will always be healthy. Then, you will drink what kind of tea right now? Green tea is good for women to keep the best shape of women body but you can drink black tea if you like the taste more. It is healthy too.