Period Pain Management and Prevention You Need to Know

As women, menstrual can be dreadful and so painful, right? It is the most annoying part when the period comes. The pain may come before or during the time, and we as women may not get used to it. The menstrual cramps are the contraction of the womb. The pain can range from mild to severe and it is felt on your back and lower belly. If you experience the mild one, you may never face the problem. However, for those who experience the severe pain, it can be difficult to handle.

Menstrual Pain Treatment and Prevention

Having severe period pain need to be handled quickly. There are several ways to beat the pain. If you have the mild pain, you only need to take aspirin or other pain relievers. Heat can also reduce your pain. You can put a heating pad on your belly and leave for minutes to clam your belly. Or, you can drink a cup of hot tea before and during menstrual. Besides, eat more greens also help you to avoid muscles contraction. Magnesium, calcium, as well as micronutrients, are what your body needs in a stagnation condition which can reduce bloating. And, if your pain never gets better, we recommend you to meet your doctor.

In addition, prevention is always better than medication. There are several things you can do in order to avoid menstrual cramps during the period. For reducing the risks of menstrual cramps, you can start by healthy living. Yup! Healthy living is the effective way to stay healthy and get rid of health problem. Eating real foods like fruits and vegetables and eliminating intake of caffeine, sweets, salts, alcohol, and fat can be the best move to have a no-pain period. Besides, working out regularly also contributes to less the possibility of menstrual cramps.

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