Say No to Skip Breakfast

Health life

Health lifeDo you usually skip your breakfast? Well, we can say that there are many possible reasons for you to skip breakfast. Let’s say something like you do not have enough time to prepare for breakfast until you wake up so late that you must go to work or school soon. That can be a possible reason for you. However, is it okay to skip breakfast? If you are wondering whether it is okay or not to skip breakfast, this following formation will answer your question.

Why You Should Not Skip Your Breakfast

Actually, there are some negative effects that you may get when you skip your breakfast. One of the problems that you will get is difficulty in doing activities. When you are not full, there is a possibility that it will affect your emotion. There is also the possibility that you will get difficulty in focus on your work when you skip breakfast. Then, it is also reported that skipping breakfast is able to increase your risk to get a heart attack. It is found in a study by Harvard University. In this case, it is discovered that skipping breakfast can increase heart attack risk up to 27 percent. After knowing this fact, do you still want to skip breakfast?

Next, skipping breakfast can also improve your risk to have type 2 diabetes. If you think that heart attack is not enough for you to always have breakfast every day, you must also know that type 2 diabetes is possible to come to you when you usually skip breakfast. Then, skipping breakfast is possible to increase your weight as well. So, if you think that you skip breakfast so that you can reduce your weight, you are absolutely wrong. It is because you are more likely to have a big portion of food in the next meal time when you do not eat breakfast.

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