Purple Flowers: Verbena Verbena Bonariensis

purple flowersHaving beautiful garden indeed will be the dream of many people since they will have a great view besides their house and enjoy it every day. If you don’t have any idea to create your beautiful garden, planting some purple flowers may be a good choice. As it is known that flowers with purple color now becomes one of the most favorite flowers chosen by people to decor garden even for their wedding party. The symbol of royalty in purple color becomes one of the reasons why they choose it. Then for the kinds of the purple flower itself, verbena no crisis is an interesting to your garden.

Verbena Verbena Bonariensis For Your Garden

Talking about verbena verbena Bonariensis itself, this purple flower comes is the native to South America being grown as perennial or annual. For the mature flowers, it can develop a woody base and tabs from 3 to 6 feet with its slender stems. Actually, verbena is a great choice for borders in a cottage garden having clusters from lavender to rose-purple and magenta to violet. When you plant this flower in your garden, it will attract butterfly more. Besides with the characteristics of it such as fast-growing and low maintenance, of course, you don’t need to do a special maintenance for this verbena.

Moreover, how about the car and planting? Here verbena needs a moist and well-drained soil so you should make sure that the soil is good to grow a verbena. A dried soil actually can prevent it from flowering. The soil of the plating also should be full sunlight in order the flower can get enough sunlight every day. If you are interested in planting it, you should plant the seed in autumn or early spring. In addition, if you need a further information about verbena verbena Bonariensis, just visit http://jbirdny.com/purple-flowers-names now.