Reasons Behind Recent Earthquakes

recent earthquakesAfter listening to recent earthquakes news, we usually crave for further information about the reasons behind the disaster, the condition after the earthquake and some other information related to the latest earthquake. At this point, you may find so many broadcasts about the disaster. However, it is not latest earthquake only that should attract your attention. It should be the general reasons behind an earthquake that you want to know. In fact, it is important for us to know what causes an earthquake and the reason why it happens in the certain area.

What Makes Recent Earthquakes To Happen

If you are interested in learning about the reasons behind an earthquake, there are some causes of earthquakes that you have to know. When we are considering science and geology point of view, we can say that there are two main causes of earthquakes. First, the occurrence of the recent earthquakes occurrence can be caused by something called as a tectonic earthquake. This phenomenon occurs when energy released from the earth causes movement or dislocation on the earth plate unexpectedly. In this case, when the stress of releasing energy is bigger, there is a condition when the plate edge is not able to handle it anymore. When it happens, people living in earth surface will feel earthquakes.

On the other hand, there is another reason that can make earthquake happens. In the second place, an earthquake is able to occur due to the volcano activity. When earthquakes are happened due to the volcanic activities, it is usually called as a volcanic earthquake. This earthquake occurs because of magma movement in the volcano. In this case, active volcano becomes the main concern of everyone. However, it does not cover the fact that inactive volcano may have been storing energy which is able to release later on. At this point, you have known possible reasons of recent earthquakes.