The Prohibition While Menstruation

Health tips

Health tipsWomen are having their month circulation which is called as the menstruation. This cycle is being their face of the women life. Many women also have the changes of the mood because of the menstruation. It is because the hormones that also accumulated while women had menstruation. Most of the women in this phase are having their bad mood for a whole week. Most of them are also hot-tempered to their friends or boyfriend. Most of the boys that know their menstruation date of their girlfriend will be avoided his girlfriend in other to not getting angered by their girlfriend. There are also so many prohibitions if you are in the menstruation phase that you should watch out.

The first things you should not have to forget is that you are not allowed to drink any carbonated drink or the ice water when you are in the menstruation phase. Those carbonated drink and ice water will make you menstruation blood freeze out around the walls. The accumulated of those freezing blood will be caused serviks cancer which is so dangerous for women. Another prohibition is yu are also not allowed to wash your hair. Because the pore in your head are already opened when you are in the menstruation period. It could make your head in pain and could make a headache in a very long time. You are also not allowed to eat the pickles.

The reason is the same with the carbonated drink, it might get you blood frozen and cause cancer to your body. This is a dangerous thing for women so far. When you are in the period do not let your stomach having a big accident because it will affect your body healthy. When you are in the period you need to take care yourself more because this period also makes your condition weaker and will be easily infected by any virus.

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