Tips To Protect Your Sparkling Eyes

Health tips

Health tipsThe woman, or the man, the old, or younger must check up their eyes routinely with the doctor that is eye specialist. At least one time in two years you should check the eyes health. In order to make your eyes are still healthy, you should care for your eyes to check with the doctor. It is recommended for the people who are in up of the 40 years old to check their eyes and consultation about their eyes to the doctor. It will reduce the risk of cataract and glaucoma. To detect the eye problem of the children, the doctor gives the suggestion to the children in 6 to 12 years old to check their eyes to the doctor.

The eye health will be influential of the gene from your parents. You also can detect the health problem by checking your eyes, such as diabetes and high blood tension. Eyes become one of the important sense of your body. Therefore, your eyes must be maintained well. In fact, care and maintain your eyes is not really hard, you just need to give a warning of your bad daily activity. First of all, starts with the food that you consume. Research proves that vitamin C and vitamin E, lutein, omega 3, and vitamin E can help to prevent the eye problem.

Secondly, do not too long to watch the computer or television or another electronic thing which has a light. You will get headaches, feel uncomfortable in your neck, feel bad on your back, and also will create the problem in your arm. The third is it will be better if you do not smoke. Smoking can increase the risk of cataract problems in your eyes, and macular degeneration. Then, the last is you must remove your makeup, that uses the makeup such as eyeshadow will create the bacteria.

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