Top Wild Animals Names List

animals names list

animals names listWhat is the wildest animal on Earth? You may strongly agree that Lion will be on the wild animals names list. Well, we cannot deny that Lion is well-known for its wild trait. It is even considered as the king of the jungle because of its wild traits. However, when we are talking about wild animals, there is basically more than one animal that can be considered as wild animals. In order to help you remember what are those some wild animals other than Lion, check this out!

Top Wild Animals Names List With Pictures

Wolf is one of the wildest animals which we need to remember. Coming with a range of breeds and colors, the wolf is usually linked to the dog because of its traits and appearance. There are actually some wolf breeds which look alike with dog breeds. Let’s say something like Siberian Husky which resembles wolf breed. Another animal on these wild animals name list is Eagle. Having a large body and bold appearance, Eagle is considered as one of those wildest animals in the world. Unfortunately, Eagles are now coming to extinction because of several reasons like illegal hunting, habitat devastation and pollution.

Moreover, there is Hawk which is suggested as wild animal as well. As a mid-sized diurnal bird, Hawk is considered as wild animal due to its natural trait as a predator. It has various sizes and excellent in hunting. Despite its wild trait, there are many people who state that Hawk is one of the most stunning birds in our sky. Following this stunning bird, there is amazingly deadly and wild bird named Falcon. This bird is known for its ability to fun very quickly. It is also known as one of the dead animals in the world. Lastly, if you need more lists of animal names with pictures, check out on

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