Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Games Free

totally accurate battle simulator

totally accurate battle simulatorThere are many kinds of game. One of the most addicting games is a battle simulator. People always want a totally accurate battle simulator games. For does who doesn’t know, the battle simulator is a game that contains a battle and action. This game simulates the battle we arrange. We can arrange the huge battle as much as we want. We can battle against spear, fist, or any kind of weapon and troops. The simulator game is designed to be as real as it can be. So, what makes this game is addicting is the real and similar battle effects. Arrange your army, equip them with a fancy and crazy weapon then enjoy the mayhem battle. Bellows are the review of battle simulator games you can download.

What Makes This Game Good And Worth It To Download?

This game is really living it name. The totally accurate battle simulator is crazy and addictive game. The great feature about this game is the wide array of weapon selection. You can choose many kinds of weapon, from fist, sword, spear, shield and much more. Choose your weapon for your troops, and enjoy the battle with opposing troops. Sometimes it can be a silly battle, but it can be a tough and intense battle. For example, it will be ridiculous when you have an army with a fist, against an army with complete armor and spear. The battle will be ridiculous and fun to watch. The amusing action is what makes this game interesting.

This game can run on medium spec PC. It can run smoothly on windows 7/8/Vista. You need 2GB of RAM, along with NVidia GeForce 8600 or better as a graphic card. You can also use ATI Radeon HD 2600 or better. The specification is not too high, yet the game can run smoothly with clear graphics. If you fancy of crazy battle games you need to try this game. This game available on go and download it, you must try this game.

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