How To Treat Eye Infections Naturally

Health care

Health careWhen we are talking about eye infections, it refers to a general term which is applied to all range of different eye conditions. Eye infection itself can be appeared because of viruses, bacteria, allergies or other causes. Several common kinds of eye infections are conjunctivitis or pink eye, trachoma and blepharitis. These infections are able to easily spread for wider problems including retina and cornea damage, blurred vision and even blindness. There are common symptoms which come along with eye infections such as itching, redness, pain, excessive tearing, swollen eyelids and involuntary, constant blinking.

In case you are facing those symptoms above, you must be aware of eye infections. Then, what we are supposed to do when finding that our eye gets an infection? When your infection is caused by allergies or debris, these following home remedies can be a very great solution for you. First, you can use boric acid. This water-soluble and weak acid is naturally found in veggies and fruits. But, you can get it in your nearby drug store or supermarkets. It contains antiseptic, eyewash and antifungal. However, you should make sure that you do not have allergic to this acid before using it for eye infection treatment.

Another solution for your eye infection is tea. The tea bag is able to soothe our eye and decrease swelling as well as redness in our eye. To use it for eye infection treatment, you can begin by boiling the tea bag in boiled water. Let the bag to cool then place it on the infected eye for about ten until 15 minutes. Instead, you can use the tea produced by the bag and water to wash your eye. For better result, you should repeat the treatment for about three times in a day until the symptoms go away. That’s all a few ways to treat eye infection naturally.

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